Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Battery operated tea light candles dollar tree review

Ok so I found this rather impressive....
We carved pumpkins but then I realized I didn't have any candles to put inside. I had a 2 pack of tea light candles I picked up at dollar tree. 

Didn't think they would light up that great for a picture but I was wrong. First picture is day 1 

Well it has been 5 days! And I left them on solid. They have been flickering for over 120 hours! They are slowly fading but I'm still impressed.... Wonder how long they will last!? 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

2015 halloween bath and body works wallflower

Ok so I loveeee bath and body works. But it seems like my most favorite time for it is fall and winter. Maybe because we end up spending so much time inside for the colder months! Living in Pennsylvania we get fall weather soon and winter always hits hard. But it's my favorite time of year! And you know what time of year it is? Pumpkin spice everything :)

I went shopping with my niece over the weekend and of course we stopped in bath and body works. I seen this new wallflower ( was the last one and a display ) but I couldn't leave it. Just so adorable. And a new ad it ion to my Halloween collection of decorations!

Lights up and you know I have pumpkin spice scent :) I'm so ready for fall!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ceramic light up wreath

I found myself randomly having a collection of the ceramic christmas trees!...?  I just love them! I always remembered my great grandma had one. Such a good memory!

But I ran into this gem while I was thrift shopping!! I never seen one like this and decided to pick it up!

I wasn't even sure if it would work and was missing some bulbs. But I loved it!
I changed out the wires for new hardware! This has 2 lught bulbs ( will add more pictures tomorrow )

I might change out the colors since it's missing some pieces. Thought maybe blue and white idk. But I need to pick up a few new bulbs online few missing. But other than few things this was a awesome find! No chips or nicks! And ended up lighting right up .... score.

I do love fall and winter! Can't wait for this season. Make sure you follow my other blogs and youtube and other links to see how my house gets decorated for the holidays! !

Anything neat you have randomly found lately?

La colors neon pink gel polish

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dollar tree finds 8/25/15

I am going to be doing this maybe a few times a week! Just random dollar tree finds. This is what I picked up this week. They had all kinds of cute grocery list packs. They have magnets on back to put on the fridge. And the chip clips put me in mind of hello kitty bows! And having a hello kitty kitchen I needed to pick them up! ♡

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Insence holders

Bird cage tealight candle holder, just used for a insence cone holder ♡ 

Flower stick insence holder ♡