Wednesday, November 30, 2011

mcdonalds hello kitty toys collection winter 2011

so i love hello kitty and my christmas tree is hot pink with hello kitty decorations on it so when mcdonalds came out with these a few weeks ago i was so excited ! my husband put i hooks on top 
so we can hang them from our tree and too cute ! there are 8 total in this collection 
bellow is 1&2 

 below is 3&4
 below is 5&6
 here is the total collection i have next week and the last 2 will come out !
you can buy the toys separate what i do cause im not a huge mcdonalds fan but they are 1.99 each and too cute ! they come out with 2 new ones each week next week is the last of them so grab them while they are around ! 

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