Friday, December 30, 2011

keurig review ( special edition )

BEST HUBBY EVER (; my christmas present was so excited ! 
i am the only coffee drinker in my house and if u are like me this will be amazing for u !!! 
i normally drink 3 cups a day or 16 dollars a day at starbucks /: this saves me a lot and best coffee i have had !!! 
he got this at walmart for 149.00 but can be found everywhere i am sure ! 
here is what the box looks like 

 there are a lot of extras u can buy different holders for the k-cups ( k-cups ) are what u use for the coffee comes in many flavors and brands !!!!
u can also buy a filter for this as well but the k-cups i love no mess fast and easy !
i am going to get a holder for them tho as they can take up some room
 this also comes with 3 books one tells u all the different brands of coffee and all about them
one directions ( u wont need that its soooo easy !!! )
and a owners manual
 inside ( the yellow book ) shopping guide u will find u get free k cups when u buy them online when u register ur brewer (: anything free is good ! after u by ur first 2 and get ur free ones
the cheapest place i found to buy the k-cups are here k-cups cheap ! trust me im into coupon and best site fast shipping ! love it !!!! grocery stores have these so over priced and well i order most everything online 
 here is where the water is stored and there is a led light so water lights up prob one of my fav features on this makes it look so sleek and love it !!
 nice design ! black led lights and Crome couldnt do any better other than maybe hot pink ?? LOL
the handle lifts up add ur k cup in close and select size u want to brew yes that easy !!!
 when the handle it up the led screen says not ready (:
if u are low on water this screen will also let u know
u can also set time to brew so if u get up and want coffee everyday at 7am guess what it will be ready for u AMAZING ! but if not u can brew in about 2 mins or less !
when u first start it will take about 3 mins ( if that to heat up water )
or u can leave water always warm so it is always ready for u !
and not just coffee ! u can make hot chocolate , tea , coffee , iced coffee or iced tea !!!! so whole family will use !! only 4 buttons on this top is on and off bottom of screen is just menu button for time , settings and timers
u can also control the temperature of the water !!! LOVE this cause i like to drink as soon as its done and don't want to burn my mouth or if im heading out and want to keep hot longer i can set it for a hotter higher setting great thought on that !
 close the lid now im ready to brew as it tells me simple right!? select ur size of cup i alway do big far right but there is 4 oz far left 8 oz middle and then the 12 oz far right (: click it once screen will say brewing and tell u when it is done it is quit for the most part until the end but hey fast and quit for the most part its a pass in my mind !!! !
 the donut shop by far is one of my favorite coffees !!!!!! it will poke a whole in the top
 and a hole in the bottom and pushes water with force to brew ur coffee i love the taste of this coffee rather than a slow drip so much more flavor amazing idk how i lived without one !!! honest
i was hesitent being this is about 150 for a coffee maker and i am only one who drinks it but wow hot chocolate , tea , and iced drinks from hubby to my kids we all love it ! so fast and great
 the catch pan at the bottom is for spills u and i have never had one verry clean machine !!!!!!! no mess and no clean up other than i noticed the stainless handle does get smudged but not bad
 if u do use a travel taller mug u will have to remove the bottom drip pan no worries slides in and out with no thought!
 and my coffee was made and drank fast and ready to make another fast
 random but my best coffee creamer hands down is coffee mate french vanilla yummmm~
 so u dont even have to hit a button in the morning for coffee to be done u will start out with a cup of coffee and a smile and end with a empty coffee mug yet still a smile (:

my youtube review video and demo 

100% would recommend best coffee maker ever !!!!!!!! hands down and no im not sponsored we bought ourselves and i would buy another (: great functions love the led lights !!! looks great on my counter great selection of coffee ! love the no thought and no mess just easy !!! thanks for reading i hope this was helpful if u have one leave me a comment love to hear how u love urs im sure u do ! if u have yet to get one put it at the top of ur list u will use it daily !!!! <3 

Thursday, December 8, 2011


i am a power seller on ebay .. i have been for years always sold my items on there and have stuff listed all the time never had any problems until lately ... i sold a iphone on there sold for 500 well was nice until the fees came ebay charged me 53 dollars and on top of that paypal took a fee out of 19 dollars !!.... so 72 dollars just for selling through them that is unreal !!!! i know they need money too but wow their fees have went so high its unreal and not worth selling on there ne more ! y i opened a blog just for sales ! and i will be selling on my blog or creigslist ! i mean i do not have a problem with paying fees but when they raise them that much it just not worth it to me ! i will buy off there but no longer a seller ! and on top of that i sold my phone for paypal and sold something on my blog for 10 and somehow after fees i still am missing 22 dollars that is not counted for and paypal has yet to answer me bk ! and i have NEVER had a problem with paypal !! just idk bad week with ebay so check my links below have some listed will be listing more !!! leave a comment if u have had problems with ebay or paypal

here are all my sites u can find me or follow me on just because if in not on one i will be on another i update these daily !

okay here we go lol

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my youtube

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my fashion and outfit of the day blog

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and lastly my twitter!/xoxoamandakiss
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

product review hello kitty microwave cute but useful?

ok so we all know i love hello kitty 
so knowing when i saw this i needed it in my kitchen ! a hello kitty microwave who wouldnt love this !!!? 
i bought this years ago at target they still have it ! 
i think it is 80 dollars good price for this size i guess little more than most this size because its cute i would guess ha 
my husband told me b4 we bought idk y u want this the one we had b4 this was a 1500 or 1800watt so going from that to a 700 watt one he wasn't thrilled but as a great hubby as he is he said whatever u want as he don't cook or go in the kitchen i handle it all he said i would be the one to deal with it ...
so i smiled as we bought it and he shook his head 
well i hated to admit it was so cute but WOW this sucks it takes forever to heat up water or anything if u use ur microwave and like it to be funcable this is NOT the microwave for u looks cute as decoration but not practical to use :( 

if i would do this all over again i would get another big watt one a plate barley fits in here and idk just not amazing but if u go off looks more so than function ( like i did ) then u will like it but good luck waiting forever to warm up water for a hot chocolate or ne thing it isnt the best ! i wish they would make a big watt one like at least 1200 or something better than 700 but i don't see it happening 

started my christmas wrapping ...

i will be doing my christmas hauls on this blog 
as i wrap i will list on here show what i got as a little haul 
and closer to christmas i will edit all clips together and show all together for what i bought to give away for christmas 
first starts off my christmas wrapping is for my cats ... their stocking isnt done yet but this is a start lol 
i have so much to buy yet and just didn't get in the mood to start yet o well either way 
my stocking stuffers started at dollar tree where i picked all this up ! cant beat the price and animals wont know where u bought it (;
i have 2 cats my one cat nermal doesn't like to open gifts however my cat who is always into everything ! and u know what i mean if u are on my Facebook LOL ninja loves to get into ne thing he can so he loves to rip open his gifts on christmas morning ....
i got him a little feather wand and it is so soft was impressed with how it was made ! 1 dollar 
i got him a collar with a bell on it haha that drives him nuts he always wonders where the ringing comes from and somehow my Chihuahua always helps him bite the bell off /: ( partners in crime ! ) 
then i got him a little hamster omg this is too cute !!! and u pull the string and moves along the floor he will love that and lastly i got him a dog ahaha kindof put me in mine of my Chihuahua ( owdie ) they are always together so maybe he will like this toy he has a pet mouse he carries around everywhere and it has a hole in it and stuffing is gone so trying to replace that but idk how it will go over (; sometimes u cant make up for a good old toy lol but that is what is going in his stocking so far will post more pics as i get them ! dollar tree has alot of cute toys for ur pets check them out and a dollar on each item is amazing we all know how i love the dollar tree !! 

i will make videos of nija opening and playing with his toys ! and add into my christmas vlog for sure
thanks for reading 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

home camera review security

we have some ( deer recorders ) they take pics and video of motion always good for driveways will get pictures of license plates and any movement , i have it set up to get notifications sent to my phone so its nice u do get alot of pictures of animals and things like that but always nice to have my hubby added some motion cameras and its by satellite , you can check anywhere in the world runs off wifi really neat u can log in from ur phone and check whats going on or if movement is shown will be notified and then u can report right from ur phone computer or anywhere u are ! this comes with a sd card and if u run mac will be stored in ur icloud ! here is a link similar to ours but i couldn't find the exact ones we run,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&biw=1920&bih=993&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=2592134119176521979&sa=X&ei=EVHcTpX9LInu0gHU1L37DQ&ved=0CMUBEPMCMAM#ps-sellers

but i love ours ! 

Friday, December 2, 2011

2011 mcdonalds toys hello kitty winter collection

as you know i have been on a mcdonalds hunt for all 8 of the hello kitty toys today i picked up the last 2 
below is #7 and #8 
last ones in this collection 
they should still have them for another week so ask what numbers they have all numbered 1-8 
all the other collection is listed below 2 posts down for complete collection