Thursday, December 8, 2011


i am a power seller on ebay .. i have been for years always sold my items on there and have stuff listed all the time never had any problems until lately ... i sold a iphone on there sold for 500 well was nice until the fees came ebay charged me 53 dollars and on top of that paypal took a fee out of 19 dollars !!.... so 72 dollars just for selling through them that is unreal !!!! i know they need money too but wow their fees have went so high its unreal and not worth selling on there ne more ! y i opened a blog just for sales ! and i will be selling on my blog or creigslist ! i mean i do not have a problem with paying fees but when they raise them that much it just not worth it to me ! i will buy off there but no longer a seller ! and on top of that i sold my phone for paypal and sold something on my blog for 10 and somehow after fees i still am missing 22 dollars that is not counted for and paypal has yet to answer me bk ! and i have NEVER had a problem with paypal !! just idk bad week with ebay so check my links below have some listed will be listing more !!! leave a comment if u have had problems with ebay or paypal

here are all my sites u can find me or follow me on just because if in not on one i will be on another i update these daily !

okay here we go lol

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my review on products blog

my fashion and outfit of the day blog

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and lastly my twitter!/xoxoamandakiss
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  1. you should have yr Paypal buyers "Gift" you your payments.