Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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mcdonalds hello kitty toys collection winter 2011

so i love hello kitty and my christmas tree is hot pink with hello kitty decorations on it so when mcdonalds came out with these a few weeks ago i was so excited ! my husband put i hooks on top 
so we can hang them from our tree and too cute ! there are 8 total in this collection 
bellow is 1&2 

 below is 3&4
 below is 5&6
 here is the total collection i have next week and the last 2 will come out !
you can buy the toys separate what i do cause im not a huge mcdonalds fan but they are 1.99 each and too cute ! they come out with 2 new ones each week next week is the last of them so grab them while they are around ! 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

iphone 4s vs iphone 4 review and siri review

i had a iphone 4 i recently went to the iphone 4s because i was up for a upgrade and wanted to go to a white one ! i love love love my iphone 100% would never go to another phone but is there a big difference compared to just the 4 vs 4s? i went to the 64 gb because i like to have alot of storage and do everything from my phone , i also went to white and im undecided if i like the white or the black better i honestly only went to the white one because there is no other white phone not going to lie lol but still my 4s is just like my 4 and really you would not notice the difference .. the camera is spouts to be better and i take pictures all the time but i honestly do not see a huge difference in that i do notice it is a bit faster not a huge difference but it is a bit faster .. now the big difference and main reason it got me to change over is siri .. u can get apps just like siri but what made me really want to upgrade ... this is fun i do use it all the time u can use it to set alarms ask to google something for u set timers call text and alot of random questions which i did when i got just to have fun and play around ... below i posted some questions i asked and the answers i got back ... but this siri is verry good i dont have any problems with her not understanding what i am asking i love it when i am driving for texting all i do is talk and she sends it and just for everything my phone is my life i use it for gps and everything and love it !!! im glad i switched but is it worth a 400 dollar ungrade ? if u dont see yourself using siri all the time i would say no u are okay with the 4 until the 5 comes out next year but it is fun and so helpful ! here are some random questions i asked lol to screen shot u hit the home button and the top button at same time and will snap a pic of ur screen

arm and hammer dryer cloths

i am always on the search for the perfect softener ! as much as we hate doing laundry we do it everyday ... i honestly never thought dryer sheets really helped i always thought as long as u had a good softener it would be fine .. until i found these !!! best of both worlds and are amazing !!! these put u in mine of baby wipes they come in a plastic container then a bag seal just like wipes they look like wipes and smell almost like them ( better ) but u add in ur dryer and omg amazing i got these at cvs they were buy one get one free then i had coupons onto of that only reason i tried these is because they were so cheap but normally like 5 dollars each ! but i would recommend and repurchase as i have full price ! they are for sure worth all 100% of 5 dollars it really only takes one to make all ur load of cloths to smell and feel amazing the smell last a long time and makes ur cloths feel soft and just so refreshing lol let me know if u try them out !

Friday, November 18, 2011

bath and body works haul !

they have the cutest wallflowers right now for the holidays !!!! some of them light up others do not the gingerbread man is to cute it does not light up

i got the gingerbread man the snowflakes light up ! i got a clear and a blue then i got a christmas tree .. i also got the car cupcake clip smells so good ! and the wallflower scents i got where just gingerbread cookie and is amazing ! they are on sale 6 for 24 ! i also had a 10 dollar off 30 coupon so great deal for your house and gifts !!!

best phone protector !

i have tried SO many protectors !!! the best one i always go back to is the invisible shield by zagg !!!! i bought this at verizon but they also sell at best buy and online ! i have just got this for my iphone 4s but have had them for a long time ! i have for my ipads and my other iphone and they are on my ipods ! best protectors also if something happens to them they send u another ! lifetime warranty ! amazing i have only had to get one replacement and that was because my 4 yr old pulled off the cover for the ipad /: other than that it would have lasted me as long as the ipad !

this is the full body but they also just have the screen if u like just that ! i am not good at putting things like this on my husband does them but they come in 3 layers so makes it easy to apply and they are labeled on the sticker as u apply so u can tell exactly where to place also comes with a rubber scrapper to get bubbles out ! they also sell shield spray ( it came with my ipad cover ) this was easy as well and did i say lifetime warranty ? i bought this myself not sponsored !!! they are a bit expensive but worth it only one u will have to buy as long as u keep the phone .. i keep my phone in my pocket alot and this cover corners never caught or ne thing ! would recommend and would repurchase as i have many of times hope this was helpful

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Friday, November 11, 2011

eos shaving cream

my thoughts on the eos shave creme ... this you can use wet or dry they come in many scents they have
vanilla bliss
sensitive fragrance free
lavender jasmine
island blue
cucumber mellon
pomegranate raspberry
so 6 in total ...
i have tried 2/6 this is my thoughts
i have the vanilla bliss and pomegranate raspberry
from the bottle ...So moisturizing, you can shave wet or dry, leaving skin soft and smooth
Non-foaming cream enriched with natural aloe, oat, and shea butter soothes while boosting skin's moisture level
Antioxidant vitamins E & C help skin look radiantly healthy
Comes in a soft-touch recyclable bottle that won't leave a rust ring in your tub

i tried these out a few times i was excited to try because i have always loved the bottles ( i know im a package nut ! ) the package is to cute has grips so easy to hold in the shower also has a pump witch i love ! this is a lotion type of shave ... but i was hoping it would be a bit thicker i found it hard to shave in the shower and i like to be able to tell where i am shaving with this you cant ! the smell however is amazing ! i would pick the skintimate cream shave lotion over this !!!!!! after i got out of the shower using the eos
about a half hour later my legs were so hot and itchy ! i in no way have sensitive skin !!! i have never broke out with anything other than this !!!! my legs were so bad i have 9 bottles of these LOL i got them when they were on sale at rite aid for 99 cents ! but these normally run 4.99 price varies on where u buy !
i would NEVER buy this item again i didnt like the formula and top it off i broke out so bad !

this also clogged up my razor so bad !
idk a fail in my mind but i have also done a video review some love some hate a hit and miss i guess but for me its a pass
i do love they dont test on animals tho ! ill stick with eos lip balms and leave out the shaving cream and stick to my skintimate thanks for reading

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easy on ur pocket shopping ? check out my coupon blog

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