Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Battery operated tea light candles dollar tree review

Ok so I found this rather impressive....
We carved pumpkins but then I realized I didn't have any candles to put inside. I had a 2 pack of tea light candles I picked up at dollar tree. 

Didn't think they would light up that great for a picture but I was wrong. First picture is day 1 

Well it has been 5 days! And I left them on solid. They have been flickering for over 120 hours! They are slowly fading but I'm still impressed.... Wonder how long they will last!? 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

2015 halloween bath and body works wallflower

Ok so I loveeee bath and body works. But it seems like my most favorite time for it is fall and winter. Maybe because we end up spending so much time inside for the colder months! Living in Pennsylvania we get fall weather soon and winter always hits hard. But it's my favorite time of year! And you know what time of year it is? Pumpkin spice everything :)

I went shopping with my niece over the weekend and of course we stopped in bath and body works. I seen this new wallflower ( was the last one and a display ) but I couldn't leave it. Just so adorable. And a new ad it ion to my Halloween collection of decorations!

Lights up and you know I have pumpkin spice scent :) I'm so ready for fall!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ceramic light up wreath

I found myself randomly having a collection of the ceramic christmas trees!...?  I just love them! I always remembered my great grandma had one. Such a good memory!

But I ran into this gem while I was thrift shopping!! I never seen one like this and decided to pick it up!

I wasn't even sure if it would work and was missing some bulbs. But I loved it!
I changed out the wires for new hardware! This has 2 lught bulbs ( will add more pictures tomorrow )

I might change out the colors since it's missing some pieces. Thought maybe blue and white idk. But I need to pick up a few new bulbs online few missing. But other than few things this was a awesome find! No chips or nicks! And ended up lighting right up .... score.

I do love fall and winter! Can't wait for this season. Make sure you follow my other blogs and youtube and other links to see how my house gets decorated for the holidays! !

Anything neat you have randomly found lately?

La colors neon pink gel polish

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dollar tree finds 8/25/15

I am going to be doing this maybe a few times a week! Just random dollar tree finds. This is what I picked up this week. They had all kinds of cute grocery list packs. They have magnets on back to put on the fridge. And the chip clips put me in mind of hello kitty bows! And having a hello kitty kitchen I needed to pick them up! ♡

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Insence holders

Bird cage tealight candle holder, just used for a insence cone holder ♡ 

Flower stick insence holder ♡ 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Doritos jacked 3d jalapeño pepper jack

Ok so my hubby seen these at subway and thought I would like to try them! How cute is that ♡ I was super excited. As they looked amazing!

I was a huge fan of the orginal 3d doritos they where like a puff triangle?  Who knows what I'm talking about?? They where my favorite I wish they would bring them back. But anyway with that in mind I had high hopes with these new ones. Maybe too high of hopes.

I really didn't care for these too hard and where too thick in didnt like the texture of these. The flavor was good but I didn't think there was enough as you just got a bland dorito corn chip taste more so than the flavor. Idk just wasn't for me. I am glad we just bought a little bag and not a big one!

I only ate 2 or 3 chips just didnt like. I will see how my kids like them ( my boys are not picky they eat anything) but I will not purchase these kind again

I will patiently wait for the return of the 3d doritos I have in mind from before lol

Did you try these? Leave me a comment on your thoughts!!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Irresistable me 8 in 1 curling wand

Ok so I got this curling wand in the mail few weeks ago....CLICK HERE FOR WHERE I GOT IT  and every hair tool is the same right?? Not at all. This is honestly probably my favorite hair tool I have tried out within the past few years! And a 8 in 1 ?! Crazy right? 

You can make so many different hair looks with this wand. I did just loose beachy waves below. 

Here are what all the attachments look like. 
So many different shapes and styles. 

Best part is it all come in a roll. Great for traveling or just storage! Roll it shut and a 3 Burton snap holds it all shut. 

Here is what the wand handle looks like. 
The barrel snaps and locks right in just with a simple twist. 
All the barrels have a 4 prong outlet to snap into the handle. 
Has a lcd screen that lights up blue and when it's at desired heat setting will light up green. Simple buttons just a power on and off button in the middle and a up and down heat setting button on each side. 

Comes with a heat glove. I have had my fair share of heat gloves but this one by far is a favorite!  Has a velcro closure won't slip off and won't burn through! 

Do you follow my instagram?  No ? Its...Amanda Wadding ♡ 

After 9 hours of being curled my hair was still curled and this never happens. My hair is thin and straight and never holds curls was so impressed with the hold and the softness it made my hair feel !

Complete outfit. I will be doing more hair tutorials so make sure to follow my links. Thanks for reading ♡ http://www.irresistibleme.com/?utm_source=yt_awsSa167&utm_medium=us_cpb&utm_campaign=yt_%20awsSa167&utm_content=all/&coupon=IrresistibleAmanda


Monday, February 23, 2015

New easter finds..

Ok so I was on Instagram looking at hashtags because I did buy a hello kitty greeter at kmart for easter.. well I found this one holding a chick and a easter basket with eggs. ♡ and was only half the price as the one at kmart.  And I'm a little obsessed and figured wth I'll buy it $20

But then I seen this.... a giant stuffed marshmallow peep!!!??? Whaaaattt! I decorate like crazy for easter and have a impressive peep collection she would be perfect I thought.... until I seen the price $50 !!??? A bit over priced I sat her back only one at my local cvs. I was happy with my hello kitty purchase, after all that is the only reason I went there! 

Until the next morning I got in my car to take my son to the dentist. My husband must have ran to cvs first thing when they opened and picked it up for me ♡♡♡ and he even strapped her in... now I have a great husband! He doesn't surprise me often but when he does he nails it ! 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Hello kitty easter porch greeter

Ok so I normally wait till after a holiday to pick these up half price for my collection. But this was the last one and impulse buy. I picked her up for 30 dollars. Hello kitty porch greeter ♡ newest to my collection

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Plug in wax warmer

So I found this at Michael's. They always have those 40% off coupons and I wanted to use one up. I never got a wax warmer from there and seen this one. Different from what I would normally buy but my nan loved birds, and this cardinal put me in mind of her ♡ this was regular priced at 6 dollars and some odd change with my 40% off coupon it was a steal of a deal.

But I got mini wax warmers before that never got hot enough to melt the wax.. I had doubts this one would be like that. Not at all it melts cube of wax ( Walmart ) fast and works amazing. Great spring collection for my wax warmers glad I picked it up. I will be checking Michael's more often for my warmer addiction. Lol

What is your favorite warmer? 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's day hello kitty greeter

Ok so if you know me,even slightly you know I have a obsession with hello kitty .... anything. I collect random cute finds. And today was no different.

I found this stuffed on a shelf in the back almost forgot about. After I eyed it off the shelf I continued to dig it out of the back....  once I put that much effort into retrieving it,  I just couldn't leave her there.

This was also a half off item due to valentine's day was yesterday. .. ever a better score. Lol she shall fit in nicely with the others ♡ she stands in tall at 19 inches. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Red velvet cream cheese oreos limited edition review

Ok so I must first admit, I love junk food! Munchies are my specialty lol.

I also have been waiting for these limited edition oreos to come out...

Was at giant eagle when I found them... I picked up 2 they where 2/$6 and so good! Not too cream cheesy as I'm not a huge fan. However these are on my top favorite oreos for sure!

If you haven't tried them you really should!

Only bad thing about them is the limited edition up in right corner ... these should be a flavor year round!

And I'm not complaining, but is it me or is everything red velvet flavor nowadays? It's like a pumpkin spice trend.