Monday, October 17, 2011

free cough drops at rite aid and chocolate ?

i got these this week at rite aid free after up rewards ! where 1.50 then got back 1.50 i have been sick and these being mint chocolate just looked good i tried them today and was impressed with the flavor and how they work will for sure buy again ! is a bit of a cough drop taste not over whelming and good chocolate mint taste alot better than standard cough drops these helped me alot ! love them would recommend and rebuy !

free rite aid hand santizer ? but is it worth it

ok so i got this for free at rite aid last week ( limit was 4 so i got 4 of these ) and so upset i used this only 5 times and OMG this is the worst i have ever tried !! and i like rite aid brands in alot of things but wow not this it is soo drying and made my hands crack and i don't have senisitive skin this is bad i will donate my other 3 bottles i have ... this was 1 dollar and you got a dollar back and even with them giving this item to me i would never buy this or give it to ne one i care about /: not worth cracking ur hands !!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

zarbees all natural cough syrup

i just bought this 2 days ago from rite aid it was 5.99 and u will get back 5.99 with a mail in rebate so is it worth it ? my son started getting sick yesterday he was coughing so bad i decided to try this out rather than his regular medicine ... i gave this to him and he was still coughing and it didnt stop at all just got worst . i didn't find this to help out at all ! and it seemed pointless on giving it to him after i found out it wasn't helping him ;( me being a mom you like natural things but u also want something that works and sadly this did not work out for us ! i would never buy this again i wouldn't recomend and i would never rebuy this item im glad i got it for free at least cause if i paid 6 dollars for this i would have been upset ! for me i hate this let me know if u tried this and if it worked out for your kids