Wednesday, October 12, 2011

zarbees all natural cough syrup

i just bought this 2 days ago from rite aid it was 5.99 and u will get back 5.99 with a mail in rebate so is it worth it ? my son started getting sick yesterday he was coughing so bad i decided to try this out rather than his regular medicine ... i gave this to him and he was still coughing and it didnt stop at all just got worst . i didn't find this to help out at all ! and it seemed pointless on giving it to him after i found out it wasn't helping him ;( me being a mom you like natural things but u also want something that works and sadly this did not work out for us ! i would never buy this again i wouldn't recomend and i would never rebuy this item im glad i got it for free at least cause if i paid 6 dollars for this i would have been upset ! for me i hate this let me know if u tried this and if it worked out for your kids


  1. Thanks for your reviews! I did buy a few of these when Walgreens had their sale going on, but we have not yet tried them. Sorry they didn't help your little guy.


  2. let me know how they work for u !!!