Monday, February 23, 2015

New easter finds..

Ok so I was on Instagram looking at hashtags because I did buy a hello kitty greeter at kmart for easter.. well I found this one holding a chick and a easter basket with eggs. ♡ and was only half the price as the one at kmart.  And I'm a little obsessed and figured wth I'll buy it $20

But then I seen this.... a giant stuffed marshmallow peep!!!??? Whaaaattt! I decorate like crazy for easter and have a impressive peep collection she would be perfect I thought.... until I seen the price $50 !!??? A bit over priced I sat her back only one at my local cvs. I was happy with my hello kitty purchase, after all that is the only reason I went there! 

Until the next morning I got in my car to take my son to the dentist. My husband must have ran to cvs first thing when they opened and picked it up for me ♡♡♡ and he even strapped her in... now I have a great husband! He doesn't surprise me often but when he does he nails it ! 

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