Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Halloween wax warmer collection skull, jack o lantern , ghost, and mini monster

So how cute are these right!?
What's even cutter is my husband came home with these for me as a surprise♡ ok sometimes he is the best husband ever lol

But these where 10 dollars I found a picture randomly on Instagram and showed my husband asked him to check next time he was at Walmart.  He ended up coming home with all of them!

The little mini monster also came from Walmart but it was last year's and is a mini one... bit smaller than the hallooween ones. Still so cute tho!

I love all of these however the ghost I feel like it only looks cute from only some angles. Idk you see a lot if the bulb ect. Still cute has purple light.

The skull comes with a red light. It seems to get the most hot out of all of them.. like really hot I do not leave these on too long. Still the melt wax so fast and really light up a room nice!

The jack-o-lantern is the best out of all 3 just the right light, doesn't get too hot. This one has a orange light.

But for under 10 dollars I would say these are great! My husband and kids found these in the seasonal isle with the fall and halloween decorations. 

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