Wednesday, December 7, 2011

product review hello kitty microwave cute but useful?

ok so we all know i love hello kitty 
so knowing when i saw this i needed it in my kitchen ! a hello kitty microwave who wouldnt love this !!!? 
i bought this years ago at target they still have it ! 
i think it is 80 dollars good price for this size i guess little more than most this size because its cute i would guess ha 
my husband told me b4 we bought idk y u want this the one we had b4 this was a 1500 or 1800watt so going from that to a 700 watt one he wasn't thrilled but as a great hubby as he is he said whatever u want as he don't cook or go in the kitchen i handle it all he said i would be the one to deal with it ...
so i smiled as we bought it and he shook his head 
well i hated to admit it was so cute but WOW this sucks it takes forever to heat up water or anything if u use ur microwave and like it to be funcable this is NOT the microwave for u looks cute as decoration but not practical to use :( 

if i would do this all over again i would get another big watt one a plate barley fits in here and idk just not amazing but if u go off looks more so than function ( like i did ) then u will like it but good luck waiting forever to warm up water for a hot chocolate or ne thing it isnt the best ! i wish they would make a big watt one like at least 1200 or something better than 700 but i don't see it happening 

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