Wednesday, December 7, 2011

started my christmas wrapping ...

i will be doing my christmas hauls on this blog 
as i wrap i will list on here show what i got as a little haul 
and closer to christmas i will edit all clips together and show all together for what i bought to give away for christmas 
first starts off my christmas wrapping is for my cats ... their stocking isnt done yet but this is a start lol 
i have so much to buy yet and just didn't get in the mood to start yet o well either way 
my stocking stuffers started at dollar tree where i picked all this up ! cant beat the price and animals wont know where u bought it (;
i have 2 cats my one cat nermal doesn't like to open gifts however my cat who is always into everything ! and u know what i mean if u are on my Facebook LOL ninja loves to get into ne thing he can so he loves to rip open his gifts on christmas morning ....
i got him a little feather wand and it is so soft was impressed with how it was made ! 1 dollar 
i got him a collar with a bell on it haha that drives him nuts he always wonders where the ringing comes from and somehow my Chihuahua always helps him bite the bell off /: ( partners in crime ! ) 
then i got him a little hamster omg this is too cute !!! and u pull the string and moves along the floor he will love that and lastly i got him a dog ahaha kindof put me in mine of my Chihuahua ( owdie ) they are always together so maybe he will like this toy he has a pet mouse he carries around everywhere and it has a hole in it and stuffing is gone so trying to replace that but idk how it will go over (; sometimes u cant make up for a good old toy lol but that is what is going in his stocking so far will post more pics as i get them ! dollar tree has alot of cute toys for ur pets check them out and a dollar on each item is amazing we all know how i love the dollar tree !! 

i will make videos of nija opening and playing with his toys ! and add into my christmas vlog for sure
thanks for reading 

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