Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Doritos jacked 3d jalapeño pepper jack

Ok so my hubby seen these at subway and thought I would like to try them! How cute is that ♡ I was super excited. As they looked amazing!

I was a huge fan of the orginal 3d doritos they where like a puff triangle?  Who knows what I'm talking about?? They where my favorite I wish they would bring them back. But anyway with that in mind I had high hopes with these new ones. Maybe too high of hopes.

I really didn't care for these too hard and where too thick in didnt like the texture of these. The flavor was good but I didn't think there was enough as you just got a bland dorito corn chip taste more so than the flavor. Idk just wasn't for me. I am glad we just bought a little bag and not a big one!

I only ate 2 or 3 chips just didnt like. I will see how my kids like them ( my boys are not picky they eat anything) but I will not purchase these kind again

I will patiently wait for the return of the 3d doritos I have in mind from before lol

Did you try these? Leave me a comment on your thoughts!!

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