Tuesday, November 29, 2011

iphone 4s vs iphone 4 review and siri review

i had a iphone 4 i recently went to the iphone 4s because i was up for a upgrade and wanted to go to a white one ! i love love love my iphone 100% would never go to another phone but is there a big difference compared to just the 4 vs 4s? i went to the 64 gb because i like to have alot of storage and do everything from my phone , i also went to white and im undecided if i like the white or the black better i honestly only went to the white one because there is no other white phone not going to lie lol but still my 4s is just like my 4 and really you would not notice the difference .. the camera is spouts to be better and i take pictures all the time but i honestly do not see a huge difference in that i do notice it is a bit faster not a huge difference but it is a bit faster .. now the big difference and main reason it got me to change over is siri .. u can get apps just like siri but what made me really want to upgrade ... this is fun i do use it all the time u can use it to set alarms ask to google something for u set timers call text and alot of random questions which i did when i got just to have fun and play around ... below i posted some questions i asked and the answers i got back ... but this siri is verry good i dont have any problems with her not understanding what i am asking i love it when i am driving for texting all i do is talk and she sends it and just for everything my phone is my life i use it for gps and everything and love it !!! im glad i switched but is it worth a 400 dollar ungrade ? if u dont see yourself using siri all the time i would say no u are okay with the 4 until the 5 comes out next year but it is fun and so helpful ! here are some random questions i asked lol to screen shot u hit the home button and the top button at same time and will snap a pic of ur screen

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