Friday, November 18, 2011

best phone protector !

i have tried SO many protectors !!! the best one i always go back to is the invisible shield by zagg !!!! i bought this at verizon but they also sell at best buy and online ! i have just got this for my iphone 4s but have had them for a long time ! i have for my ipads and my other iphone and they are on my ipods ! best protectors also if something happens to them they send u another ! lifetime warranty ! amazing i have only had to get one replacement and that was because my 4 yr old pulled off the cover for the ipad /: other than that it would have lasted me as long as the ipad !

this is the full body but they also just have the screen if u like just that ! i am not good at putting things like this on my husband does them but they come in 3 layers so makes it easy to apply and they are labeled on the sticker as u apply so u can tell exactly where to place also comes with a rubber scrapper to get bubbles out ! they also sell shield spray ( it came with my ipad cover ) this was easy as well and did i say lifetime warranty ? i bought this myself not sponsored !!! they are a bit expensive but worth it only one u will have to buy as long as u keep the phone .. i keep my phone in my pocket alot and this cover corners never caught or ne thing ! would recommend and would repurchase as i have many of times hope this was helpful

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