Tuesday, November 29, 2011

arm and hammer dryer cloths

i am always on the search for the perfect softener ! as much as we hate doing laundry we do it everyday ... i honestly never thought dryer sheets really helped i always thought as long as u had a good softener it would be fine .. until i found these !!! best of both worlds and are amazing !!! these put u in mine of baby wipes they come in a plastic container then a bag seal just like wipes they look like wipes and smell almost like them ( better ) but u add in ur dryer and omg amazing i got these at cvs they were buy one get one free then i had coupons onto of that only reason i tried these is because they were so cheap but normally like 5 dollars each ! but i would recommend and repurchase as i have full price ! they are for sure worth all 100% of 5 dollars it really only takes one to make all ur load of cloths to smell and feel amazing the smell last a long time and makes ur cloths feel soft and just so refreshing lol let me know if u try them out !

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