Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pumpkin spice anything. ..

Ok so pumpkin flavored anything is always a huge hit right !?

Normally I hate when they rush holidays ect. ( marketing scam lol ) however I do love fall!

And I always loved the smell of pumpkin,  I always make pumpkin pie ( hubby's favorite) but I never really liked it or idk if honestly I ever tried it until today

My hubby picked up these chocolate covered pretzel pumpkin flavored at sheetz today... like whaaaaat !?

Had to take a picture for instagram as he said they where good. Then I tried one ... wow pretty good! Maybe I do like pumpkin,  either way I liked these ! Might try this pumpkin fad this year lol .... to be continued ;)

What's your favorite food that puts you in mind of fall? 

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