Friday, February 17, 2012

dr dre beats detox

okay so i have wanted these forever ! i thought i would get out of the faze concidering they are over priced .... but gave in 
for v day i got the detox beats by dre 

and must say i love them !!!!!!!!! so thankful to have got them but here is my review 

first off u wont get anything better on ur ears they are amazing with sub woofer the base and everything is just ligit !!! 
but 499.00 for headphones unreal right ( unless u are in music ) i am not 
but i wanted the bigger ones to fit over my ears ( i have 44 earrings in my ears and just the smaller ones hurt ! ) 
if u dont have as many as me i think the 300 dollar ones are just as good 

all in what u want i guess but i would say at least go to best buy and listen to these !!!

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