Sunday, February 12, 2012

peace tea review

first the package u know i love the packaging of items and this i love ! 

peace tea this one is in sweet lemon but all are AMAZING ! this is for sure my fav drink and i drink alot of mt dew i am going to 100% switch over to just drinking this seems a lot better for you ( not a health expert by far but )

its 100% natural tea
no artificial flavors
no preservatives
no artificial colors
50 calories
and sugars 11g

now i don't know much about calories or sugars ect as i never really worried about it for weight reasons but trying to go a bit healthier and this seems to be alot better for u than mt dew just looking at labels and tastes amazing !!!!! for sure if u haven't tried it would say is a must ! this is 99 cents a can and its a 23fl

whats your favorite flavor ? have u tried it love it or hate it leave me a comment
idk how u could hate it im sure its a love lol 

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